Relax at water level

Unparalleled luxury at water level. A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life whilst relaxing in comfort on one of our platforms. Offering freedom from the confines of the yacht, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.

Soft landings

By simply connecting any two platforms in a T-shape, you’re able to configure your own jet-ski dock. This limits any damage to transoms and jet-skis, as well as providing a safer, easier transfer for yourself and your guests.

Practical seamanship

The platform can be single-handedly inflated and launched anywhere in less than five minutes, providing instant access to the water line and allowing crew members to work smarter – not harder. Gone are the days of having to detail the tender after a full topside wash down. Our unique ballast bag system provides excellent stability in the water and enables easy removal from the water after use.



Innovative thinking

One year on, after winning the international DAME design and innovation award, NautiBuoy Marine introduces the NEW Patent Pending C-Dock. A docking system compatible with Seabobs, it is another modular addition to the NautiBuoy inflatable range.

Drive straight in

The C-Dock avoids the need for repetitive lifting of Seabobs from in and out of the water. A brilliantly simple design providing a drive-in / drive-out solution. Compatible with both the F5 and F5S Seabobs.

A “garage” at water level

Your Seabob is an investment that deserves to be looked after. The C-Dock offers you peace of mind, providing your Seabob with a convenient method of protection, from yachts, jet-skis and other watersports equipment. With buckle and webbing security straps. It’s not going anywhere.

See the controls

Beginners can practice their skills and get an understanding of the Seabob controls with more confidence. Contained within the C-Dock and in a more controlled environment, the Seabob controls are even easier to get to grips with. Instructors can be conveniently on hand to provide step-by-step tuition.



The Best electric bike in the world

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. Gocycle did both.

The GS

We have been on a mission to build the best electric bicycle in the world – the all new Gocycle GS! Perfectly designed for commuting, running errands, or just having fun! Don’t put off buying an electric bike any longer. Owning and riding a Gocycle GS is your chance to start living a more active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our patented quick-detach Pitstopwheels make folding down the Gocycle GS easy. The side mounted design not only looks great but makes it quick and easy to remove the wheels and make fixing a flat tire a no sweat deal.

The multispeed enclosed chain drive keeps all the oily parts away from your clothes. It comes in a range of great colours: Red, Blue, Pink, Light Blue and Black, to match a grey or white front frame.



Intense and irrepressible.

A SEABOB offers all-round high-performance. Its hydrodynamic shape provides for an astounding degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving could not be easier – all it requires is for the pilot to shift his bodyweight.

Whether you are cruising, zipping through the water or diving. The SEABOB will glide along powerfully with you aboard. Feel the awe-inspiring manoeuvrability and the new-found desire for water which will never relinquish its hold on you again.

Experience a unique agility under water.

The dynamism of the SEABOB jet develops its special appeal under the water. The watercraft can be steered down into the depths simply by applying light pressure. Man and machine in unison, darting around nimbly.

Impressive diving depths of up to 40 metres can be programmed to suit individual requirements via the on-board electronics. A safety cut-off feature reliably ensures that the selected diving depth is not exceeded. Dive into the fascinating underwater world.

The underwater world awaits.

The SEABOB represents pure excitement, enhancing your snorkelling, freediving or scuba diving experience. Whether longer or shorter journeys, dynamic or leisurely adventures, you can explore an unfamiliar world with a whole new level of intensity.

Optional weights enable you to optimally adjust the buoyancy of the SEABOB, whilst one-handed driving allows you to operate your diving equipment and take safety stops with ease. Experience a whole new dimension of diving.



Meet PETER, your diving buddy. A revolutionary multi-user diving system that supplies air from the surface. The safest, easiest, most comfortable and versatile.

How does it work?

The PETER Diving system uses compressed air tanks like a SCUBA system but utilises long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the diver explores the world below the waves. Without the need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface the system is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight.

Who is it for?

PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped. Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised at the feeling of freedom & comfort while you dive without tanks on your backs.
The PETER raft features an ergonomic, hydrodynamic and state-of-the art design conceived by renowned naval architects. The PETER raft not only looks attractive but this floating platform offers many advantages and opens up a broad range of new possible applications.
The Hose System acts as a depth limiter that can be modulated depending on the dive’s purpose. The quick-connectors all are rotary, providing a double safety system that prevents accidental disconnections. The quick-release weight-belt is universal to all body sizes, this belt can be fitted easily to neutralize the human body’s natural positive buoyancy, allowing anyone to freely move underwater. In an emergency, the quick-release system allows the diver to drop the weight-belt while keeping their air supply.




The technology of jet drive boats and PWCs has continued to evolve over the years with regard to performance, handling, and safety. Yamaha has been taking what it learns from its racing teams and applying it to its recreation models.
The new Yamaha TR-1 marine engine is the pinnacle of engine innovation. Yamaha set out to build a more powerful engine than its predecessor, while also making it smaller, and lighter. The TR-1 motor achieves just that, in a package with one less cylinder that is 13% more powerful than the Yamaha MR-1™ engine that it is replacing, while being 40% smaller in size and 20% lighter in weight. The result is quicker acceleration, higher top-end speeds, with better fuel economy and more fun for the rider. Few innovations have the ability to reshape an entire industry, but that is exactly what Yamaha’s NanoXcel® hull and deck technology has done for the personal watercraft.
Yamaha engineers innovated at the microscopic level using nano clay plus glass microbubbles to create a new, stronger resin system that uses less material. The glass microbubbles used in NanoXcel® are smaller and stronger than other filler materials, contributing to the strength, rigidity and light weight of the new hulls and decks. Yamaha Skis are renowned for their durability in longer term use on Superyachts. EYOS recommends Yamaha due to ease of being able to service the ski’s, there extended safety features and lifetime of the ski under recommended servicing is considerably more than other brands.



Red Paddle Co makes Inflatable SUPs for all types and styles of rider. Whether you’ve never been on a SUP or are looking to challenge for podiums in a race series, there is a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board for you.
A truly authentic experience. The unrivalled practicality of inflatable boards would be pointless if they didn’t perform to the highest standards. At Red Paddle Co they pride themselves on using the best technology available to design unique features that put our boards on a level with hard boards in terms of performance. Red only make inflatable boards and have done so since 2008. Over this time they have developed there products and established a broad number of new board families, so they can cater for all levels – from beginners to experts – as well as offering models for different specialities such as windsurfing, yoga and racing.
Red Paddle Co live, eat and sleep SUP, and that’s why they are the only brand that can promise an authentic experience – paddleboards made by paddleboarders.



EYOS work with Polaris to provide a unique on land off road tender for the very enthusiastic owner. The four seater Polaris off roader will keep a smile on your face all day long and will also cater for the more extreme people aboard.



TIWAL 3.2 is the very first high performance inflatable sailing dinghy for water sports; it is designed to make navigation fun and simple and for the thrill of speed and glide. Its versatile design allows for both high performance solo use and leisure sailing in pairs. TIWAL 3.2 is 3,20m (10.5′) long and has a 5.20 m2 / 7.00 m2 (56 sq.ft / 75 sq.ft) sail. It is light, 50kg (111lbs), compact and folds away in two bags. It can be assembled and taken down in 20 minutes.
Perfect for the yacht without huge amounts of space on board but still keen to have sailing as part of the toy collection. If you are interested in hard hulled sailing dinghies we can also source them.



RED SHARK BIKES is committed to creativity and engineering directly from the LAB and the technical development center located in Roses. In addition, both the production and the suppliers are all first class European. Resulting in a premium product thanks to the high level of quality in each of the parts and components that make up the RED SHARK BIKE.



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