EYOS Tenders deliver custom built Limousine Tender to 78m Motor Yacht

A very happy owner took delivery of his 9m limousine tender that had been designed and built to follow the same lines as his motor yacht.
In March 2009 EYOS Tenders were consulted on a project for a custom built limousine tender that had to copy the style and design of the 78m mother ship. Eidsgaard, who designed the motor yacht, were also contracted to design the tender and EYOS oversaw the project until completion and delivery last month.
Having contacted a short list of top quality Tender manufacturers John Apps, Director of EYOS Tenders, felt sure that Compass Tenders in Hamble were the perfect yard to build it and the end result proved him right.
John Apps commented “It was very satisfying taking a concept of a tender, overseeing the build and finally seeing it delivered to the owner over the 2 year period. However with a project like this it is imperative to make sure that each stage of the build is exactly as the specification says and the owner was extremely happy with the result.”