EYOS supply the first custom built Windy Blackbird to 85m Motor Yacht

EYOS will be on hand to see the first fully custom-built Windy Blackbird to go in the water later this month. Having first seen the boat at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2010, EYOS offered it as one of the options to the owner of a 85m motor yacht. The owner liked the stylish design but wanted to redesign the interior cabin and seating arrangement and also contracted EYOS to oversee the build to their exact specification and standard. The Captain of the yacht said, “Having EYOS first provide us with a selection of possible tenders based on our specific needs and then also following each stage of the construction has been a huge advantage. Their knowledge has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who is looking for a tender.” Once the sea trials have taken place and the final adjustments been made, the support boat will be shipped out to the yacht in time for the Monaco Grand Prix in May. The Head of Production, Trevor Fenlon from the Windy shipyard in Sweden also added, “It is the first time that we have worked with EYOS as the intermediary/project manager on the build of a boat and it worked extremely well. They knew exactly what was possible to have with this type of boat and it eliminated the process of back and forth between owner/captain and the yard. It simply made the whole project much easier for ourselves and I’m sure for the owner too.”