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RGB Designed USMI NSW 11m RIB Kevlar Hull

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Year: 2017
Length: 11 metres
Engine: Triple 300 Mercury Verado
Maximum Speed: 60 MPH
Total Displacement: 16,000 LBS (full load)
Beam Maximum: 3.26m
Engine Hours: 400
Passengers: 13
Fuel Capacity: 4 tanks (460 U.S. Gal)
Price: USD 440,000.00

About RGB Designed

 ​It all began with a dream....
To have a mil spec boat with a yacht quality finish. The idea is
"If its good enough for them then it sure as hell is good enough for us"   Them being the US Special Teams Units and NAVY SEALS.

So we went with what the wolds most elite special forces, The US NAVY SEALS, designated as their craft of choice. They not only demand the best but require nothing but the best available, period. The USMI 11M RIB is the one they have chosen and for a reason.

Fast, maneuverable,  quality, tough, rugged, stable, strong, reliable, heavy, Bulletproof (literally), redundant, overbuilt, solid....... These are all words that come to mind when one describes this Battle wagon built like a tank. We like to think of it as a Hummer on water.

What we have done is take the boat and completely refinish it and customise it from a killer to a handsome, luxury, refined and elegant super yacht quality tender, chase boat or family sand bar hopper..