About Us

“Every yacht is different in its requirements and what is suited to one yacht may not suit the next. An owner who spends his summers in the Mediterranean and his winters in the Caribbean will need something entirely different to an owner whose yacht will be traversing the North West Passage and then diving in the Pacific. The key is to get the information in advance and based on that, we can offer the best available choices for their tender”.
John Apps
John Apps
EYOS Tenders

About EYOS

  • 2004Eyos Tenders starts in Spain
    Eyos tenders starts in Palma de Mallorca working with brands such as Ribeye and Ribtec. Both brands really starting the customisation of RIBs as superyacht tenders.
  • 2005Moved to offices on the Paseo Maritimo
    Eyos makes a serious investment by buying their offices on the Paseo Maritimo in Palma. A show room for small boats allows customers to see the boats first hand.
  • 2007Start to take orders for new build 74 m yacht.
    This year is really the kick off for much bigger tenders being customised for large yachts. Average tender size requested increases to 8-9m.
  • 2009Yacht management company now value EYOS's expertise.
    Edmiston Yacht Management hires EYOS as yacht tender consultants and build managers for a 2 tender project on a 79m Fedship.
  • 2011 Windy SR52
    EYOS orders two of the first three Windy SR52's built for direct clients.
  • 2012 EYOS Designs a specialised 26ft tender for the world market
    EYOS enters into design consultancy with Windy for an 8m super yacht tender, the SR26. The SR26 has been a successful tender on many yachts.
  • 2014 EYOS offers a refit service for Tenders.
    Refitting of yacht tenders is not something a yacht captain has time to do, particularly if they have the main yacht in refit at the same time. EYOS offers a service whereby they handle all aspects of a tender refit, new tubes, new decks, new electrics, andy modifications bringing the boat back to a new or even better standard.
  • 2015 EYOS opens a dedicated storage facility for yacht tenders.
    In the winter of 2015 EYOS will have a dedicated storage warehouse, fully owned with 15000 sq ft of space. it will add to the EYOS range of services provided winter storage, maintenance and a full turn key service to manage and maintain yacht tenders.

Clients & Testimonials

  • It is the first time that we have worked with EYOS as the intermediary/project manager on the build of a boat and it worked extremely well. They knew exactly what was possible to have with this type of boat and it eliminated the process of back and forth between owner/captain and the yard. It simply made the whole project much easier for ourselves and I’m sure for the owner too.
    Trevor Fenlon
    Windy Boats, Sweden: Head of Production
  • Having EYOS first provide us with a selection of possible tenders based on our specific needs and then also following each stage of the construction has been a huge advantage. Their knowledge has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who is looking for a tender.
    David Broome
    85m Lurssen: Captain
  • We have relied on EYOS on several occasions. They have arranged and overseen the build, delivery & warranty of our Windy chase-boat. When researching possible future additions to our fleet of tenders, EYOS have worked closely with manufacturers to ensure that the designs and renderings have reflected the Owner’s needs precisely. Their experience and understanding of a Superyacht’s needs ensure that we will continue to use them for the excellent service that they provide.
    John Goodchild
    85m Oceanco M/Y Sunrays: Captain
  • We have bought many tenders from EYOS and we were kept up to date with photos and reports throughout the entire build process. They also delivered the tenders to wherever we were in the world and were extremely professional.
    David Lee
    80m Oceanco M/Y Constellation: Captain
  • Our decision to appoint EYOS as tender consultants was based on their knowledge and experience of the super yacht industry. EYOS provided expert evaluation of quality, reliability and understood the crew and owner viewpoint of the different makes and models. They provided efficiency and expertise in the project management of custom built tenders and prompt support to our yacht management services.